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For over 10 years, ChannelGood has been on a mission of using video as a tool for creating social change. By offering advocacy groups and individual changemakers with video production services along with other communication requirements, we have witnessed the great impact that strategic and creative message delivery can achieve. 

More than being an online portfolio, this website aims to showcase realities that will hopefully inspire a socially conscious and critical community to move for a better society. You can find a gallery of videos we have produced here. Also, don't forget to check out our blog where we feature many more compelling stories and realities out there that are waiting, wanting, and needing to be told. We also share resources on how you can communicate your advocacy better -- keep coming back for those!  

If you have information on volunteering opportunities, campaigns, and other development-related information that you would like us to distribute, send us an e-mail and we'll do what we can. Want to work together? Check out our list of services or simply get in touch so we can talk about all the wonderful that we'll co-create. 

We hope that your tanks of doing good always be full, in the same way that your stories have kept ours overflowing. 


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    Why Video Works

    Video can turn complex social issues into simple, clear, and complete stories. Skillful planning, concept development, scriptwriting and post-production, video can effectively take audience through complex social issues that otherwise, take much effort to be explained thoroughly.

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  • We want to co-create something wonderful with you! Our list of services include:


    Photography and Videography Workshops

    Communications Planning

    Photography and Videography Workshops

    Together, we can get great stories out there. Send us a message so we can start making change happen.

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